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About Us

Blue Oak Nursery is a family-owned, 14-acre property originally named after a 400+ year old Blue Oak tree which stands on the property today.  Brad Coleman, the proprietor, has a longstanding passion for horticulture and gardening and operates the Nursery to share this passion and his love for Bonsai.  Brad does most of the watering, fertilizing and repotting himself, and his family is active in this labor of love.

The property, upon which the previous owner developed an extensive tree arboretum, was acquired by the Coleman family in 1989.  Here you will find wildlife and nature preserved for the enrichment of plant life, animals and people.   A year-round creek feeds a lake which attracts migrating birds and is home to local ducks and geese.  Brad also maintains two cage-bird aviaries and wildlife inhabitants include fox, coyotes, beaver, raccoon, an egret rookery, dove, quail, peacocks and more.

Blue Oak Nursery
carries a wide variety of material and supplies for Bonsai enthusiasts.  Plant material has been collected from over 40 West Coast nurseries and includes several varieties of Oregon conifers.  The following are a few of the many different types of trees available:  Cedars, black pines and white pines, shimpaku, oaks, elms, fruit trees, redwoods, maples, olives and boxwood.  Plants are in one-gallon to 30-gallon containers and there is a large enough selection of each type to purchase for your own workshop. Pre-Bonsai have been root trimmedand there have been some training cuts made and some wire applied.

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