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Blue Oak Nursery has Bonsai that are from one to one hundred years old.  Prices are affordable, starting at $10, and there is something for everyone from the beginner to the advanced Bonsai enthusiast.  Bonsai plants are easily viewed on tables and are displayed in a natural setting with no shade cloth. All Bonsai have been repotted in fresh soil and all are climatically adapted in this natural environment.  Blue Oak will not sell a Bonsai that hasn’t been repotted within the last two years.

Blue Oak Nursery
is proud and fortunate to have the services of Sam Adina, an extremely gifted and talented design artist, who does all the Bonsai training and design for Blue Oak.  Sam spends hours each week working to create beautiful pre-Bonsai and Bonsai for Blue Oak Nursery.  He is actively involved in several Bonsai clubs in the Central Valley and Bay Area and is highly respected for his remarkable abilities.

Blue Oak Nursery
is a full-service Bonsai Nursery, offering repotting, wiring, styling and design, and care for your Bonsai if you are away for an extended time.

In addition to Bonsai plant material, Blue Oak Nursery  carries cactus and succulents, tropical and indoor plants, including rock anthuriums, rock sheffeleras, pink quills, orchids and ficus imported from Hawaii.  Hand-carved rocks, stones and mud men are available for your Bonsai, as well as a large selection of pots, glazed and unglazed, from China and Japan, and some very special hand made and show pots.  Blue Oak Nursery carries a large selection of tools for Bonsai and will be the Central Valley dealer for Joshua Roth tools.  We also offer a large selection of wind chimes from Northern Japan.