Juniper Trees
Entry Level Bonsai

Great Starters plants for beginners, or the perfect gift.
Available in various sizes and in all price ranges.


Small Bonsai
Grape Vines
Dawn Redwood
Mume Apricot
Seiju Elm
Fruitless Olive


These are great entry plants in to the world of Bonsai, perfect for holiday gifts, birthdays or an office "thank you".  These Juniper trees are all planted in fresh soil, recently enough to need repotting for a couple of years, but not so recent as to be risky in health (most over 90 days ago.)  Each is potted up using non-organic bonsai soil, free of pathogens and agreed by experts to be the best potting medium.  Pots are imported clay, not plastic, and all plants are healthy specimens.  These are prepared by our staff of professionals and are of superior quality to those found in most commercial stores. 

These trees are available individually or in quantity. Call for wholesale prices.

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