Fruitless Olive

Olea europaea

Small Root Trained Bonsai Starter Stock

Images are NOT of the plant you will be receiving, they are supplied as representative of the size you will receive.

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Fruitless Olive

We carry these in trunk width sizes of

  • 1/4" (size 1 at $8)

  • 1/2" (size 2 at $15)

  • 3/4" to 1" (size 3 at $35)

  • With larger sizes sold individually. 

Pick the size you want, mix and match, and build your own forest of these great trees. All internet orders have a Minimum order of $95, you can mix and match sizes and plants to reach this level, call for wholesale pricing (209) 523-5857.

Fruitless Olive (Olea europaea) -- this is shipped bare root ready for transplanting in to the pot of your choice.  These are the smallest of the sizes we have listed here, great for a low cost introduction to the plant, or for quantity purchases to build a forest-scape.



We bought out the inventory of a retiring bonsai nursery, and are now offering these great starter plants here at the lowest prices available on the Internet.

Being located in Central Valley of California, the heart of one of the greatest agricultural areas of the world -- with our climate and connections we can offer prices unheard of elsewhere.  This is just one of the many plants we have available, please look through our entire store.


Most bonsai online are pot grown seedlings or grown in the earth till a few months ago. This means you will need to train the roots and wait for the plant to adjust to the smaller root ball.  Ours are not like most starters!  Our starters are not pot grown seedlings, but rather specifically grown and trained to be bonsai stock. These plants were initially grown outdoor in soil, then every year they were removed and root trimmed then replanted. When they reached the right size, they were removed again, root trimmed once more, then and only then potted.  Since then they get trimmed once a year and moved up in shallow pot sizes.

  • You won't be receiving some root bound nursery stock just cut short, this is a trained bonsai starter! 
  • You won't find this level of detail anywhere else on the Internet at this price!

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